ESW 2013
The 1st Embedded Systems Workshop
May 21-22, 2013
Temešvár, Czech Republic


The first Embedded Systems Workshop is intended for the presentation of Ph.D. students’ results and partial progress in their research in the field of all aspects of embedded systems design, testing and applications. The workshop is organized by members of two departments of the youngest faculty (Faculty of Information Technology) of the oldest technical university in Central Europe, the Czech Technical University in Prague – the Department of Digital design and the Department of Computer Systems. The idea of ESW is based on the cooperation with the Tel Aviv University and the main aim is to expand the mutual collaboration in the field of embedded systems research not only inside of EU. The ESW workshop will be based on oral presentations and will be focused on mutual communication and discussions.


The workshop ESW 2013 addresses emerging issues, hot problems, new solution methods, and their hardware and software implementations in the fields of digital and mixed-signal system design. It is especially focused on the dependable, low power design and testing methods related to the SoC technology and modern embedded applications:
  • Programmable/Re-configurable/Adaptable Architectures
  • SoC and NoC Design and Testing
  • Digital Design Optimization Methods
  • Architectures and Hardware for Security Applications
  • On-line and Off-line Error Detection and Correction
  • Testability Analysis
  • Logic Synthesis & Verification
  • Diagnosis & Testing of Embedded Systems
  • Applications of (embedded) digital systems.
Submission Deadline: May 12, 2013 (extended)


Prospective authors are encouraged to submit extended abstracts of their manuscripts for review electronically trough the following web page (to be announced) or by sending them to Workshop Chairs via email (only in the case of the web access problem) before the deadline for submission. From this abstract has to be clear the proposed theme of presentation.
The Proceedings at the form of the list of abstracts and presentation slides will be published on the ESW web page before the workshop time.